Therapeutic Proteins International, LLC (TPI) is a fully integrated manufacturer of biosimilar recombinant protein products. TPI’s vision is to produce high quality, life-altering biologics that are affordable and accessible to patients around the globe. This vision has resulted in a unified corporate culture and a high-energy commitment to product innovation with an underlying passionate belief in making a difference. The company’s application of its groundbreaking proprietary process and patented manufacturing platform makes it a leader in developing these important drugs that will serve to lower health care costs thus allowing expanded access to more patients.

Located in Chicago, Illinois, TPI is exclusively focused on developing and manufacturing biosimilar products with nine currently in its development pipeline. With a fully integrated facility, TPI’s aim is to fulfill the vision of providing low-cost versions of off-patent biologics, using disposable bioreactors and the deployment of a totally single-use system to manufacture biologics. These proprietary systems allow for quick scale up reducing the timeline and cost associated with bringing these products to market. Additionally, TPI performs analytics at each step to optimize performance and aim for high quality, fingerprint-like similarity.

TPI’s fully-integrated process, characterization expertise, analytical frameworks and end-to-end process allows TPI to quickly respond to the evolving regulatory requirements of the biosimilar environment while creating competitive advantages through practical and efficient solutions.

TPI’s senior leadership team is comprised of talented and seasoned industry leaders recognized for their unique depth and breadth of knowledge, exceptional analytical abilities and commitment to quality. They have served various segments of the healthcare industry from leading global pharmaceutical to healthcare organizations.