Turning potential into reality

By challenging the status quo every single day.

At TPI, we’re always striving to find new ways to do things better, which is why we’ve pioneered proprietary methods of manufacturing biosimilar medications. We believe that following the status quo simply isn't good enough.

Turning potential into reality

By employing rigorous testing every step of the way.

TPI never compromises on quality. We have a rigorous, in-house characterization program that employs analytical testing throughout the process to monitor biosimilarity. A comprehensive suite of tests are performed to create a strong foundation of analytics that supports biosimilarity.

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Turning Potential Into Reality

By innovating
Right Here In The U.S.

The United States is known for high-quality pharmaceutical products, and TPI is proud to be innovating here. Our entire development process, from cell line development to fill and finish, happens at our Chicago facility. We innovate to be able to provide biosimilars that are held to the high standards of U.S. production.

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